Kassim Mustafa
     Welcome to Kassim Mustafa, the place where they serve specially prepared Ghee Rice ( Nasi Dalcha ), a traditional Indian delicacy from Kilakarai of India.

   It all started 15 years ago when Kassim Mustafa, now retired, made famous their unique food at the five-foot-way of Queen Street until later moved to a rented shoplot. Today, Saleem Mustafa, who is the son and also the sole proprieter manages the business at their own double storey building.
Tandoori Chicken served with Naan
Tandoori over a hot oven
  We cater for special functions with customers utilising our spatious conference room.

  We have a wide variety of dishes to compliment our customers with...

With Ghee Rice (Breakfast)
3:30am - 11:30am

Chicken Curry
"Negro" Curry
Mutton Curry
Duck Curry
Chicken Liver

With Plain Rice (Lunch)
11:30am - 2:15pm

All breakfast dishes available
Fried Chicken
Fish Curry
Prawn/Squid Curry
Spicy Bean Curd
Chicken Tandoori

Variety of Hot or Cold Drinks
The past...
Conference Room
Chicken Tandoori
Assorted Currys
The New Look...

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